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The question of the Referee, the captain of Inter and Mancini Split

The Juventus striker, Alvaro Morata, being stepped on the gas pedal it deeply. Spain23 year old youth were ready to continue the tradition of speeding after the turn of the year.

Morata carve out four goals in two appearances. He twice each and Inter Milan in the Coppa Italy (27/1/2016) and Chievo in Serie A continued (31/1/2016).

The sharpness showed up after the goal nets tore absent Morata enemy in 114 days. That period extending to golnya since Bologna in Serie A action, October 4, 2015.

See the trend later, Morata as changing from a mere backup players become the protagonist for the team.

Before the meteoric rise in January, the former Real Madrid striker was more acts as a coating for Mario Mandzukic or Paulo Dybala.

The question of the Referee, the captain of Inter and Mancini Split

This is still reflected in the records of their performances this season. In 22 weekend in Serie A, new Morata 9 appearances as a starter, while Dybala 17 times, and Mandzukic 13.

Mandzukic absence due to injury magnifies up momentum through continued donations Morata goals for the sake of goals.

Now, Morata as repeat last season's performance trends. In 2014-2015, he also proved to be more fertile after the turn of the year.

Check out his statistics. During the August-December 2014, the Madrid-born men lost prominence than his senior, Fernando Llorente. Morata just carve out four touchdowns and four abstentions due to backed up the coach.

First, howeverincreased dramatically after the new year. In January-June 2015, a scored 11 goals Morata or 73 percent of the total collection throughout the 2014-2015 competition in various event (15 goals).

"Now, I feel better physically and mentally," he said in Tuttomercatoweb.

The question of the Referee, the captain of Inter and Mancini Split

Players behind Inter Milan, Juan Jesus, different views contending with coach Roberto Mancini related referee Antonio Damato, who leads the party of cons Milan at San Siro Stadium Sunday (31/1/2016).

After the match, Mancini briefly mentions Damato as the figure does not know the rules. Because, the umpire could not cast a red card to Gianluigi Donnarumma which dropped Eder in the penalty box.

Juan Jesus thus reluctant to blame the referee. According to the requested players as captain on this action inappropriate Damato, blamed for defeat I Nerazzurri.

"Damato has already done its job. I think it is not proper to talk about him, We made a number of mistakes, while Milan make use of them, "said Juan Jesus.

The defeat of Milan at once expresses the chart decline. In 2016, they only won oneof five Serie A matches, even two of them led to the defeat.

Brazil-born players see the barrage of negative results of moral had dropped his colleagues.

"It's a matter of confidence. We had to go back to work together and out of difficultmoments of dai, "said he.

A record entry of three goals on a derbi is a rare party for their last Time Inter ever happened in April 2011.

Sinisa Mihajlovic pointed Juraj Kucka and Keisuke Honda as the key figure of AC Milan's victory over Inter in Serie A continued at San Siro Stadium Sunday (31/1/2016).

The question of the Referee, the captain of Inter and Mancini Split

In this match, Mihajlovic try to duplicate the physical game that is commonly practiced Inter Milan. Therefore, he requires players who dare fight in midfield.

"I know Real Madrid very well. So, it is important for us to win the duel one-on-one, "said Mihajlovic, who had served as assistant coach of Inter.

To fight at midfield, Riccardo Montolivo seen most prominently. According to a recording of the Serie A, he was relieved to snatch the ball as much as five times or bea Rossoneri player than most of the other I.

However, Mihajlovic was reluctant to dismiss the role of like instagram gratis Kucka. Slovakia-born midfielder is seizing the ball one time less than Montolivo.

"Kucka also show great performance. He's like a tank, duel with very hard, and is involved in every tackle, "said Mancini.

In addition, Mihajlovic also asked kids asuhnya effective when playing ball. In this case, Keisuke Honda being the key figure.

Based on data Whoscored, Honda dribble four times and releases three key lures. One of the lures of Honda led to the opening goal scored Alex on 35 minutes.

"Keisuke Honda has the mentality of Japan which means it really do what it was instructed. He rarely loses the ball and has great technique. He should have scored, "said Mihajlovic.

As a result, Milan's victory with a score of 3-0. The last time they scored three goalsagainst Inter on April 2011.