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Finally There Are Players Of The Birth Of Indonesia Juarai Serie

Juventus confirmed the healing process of injuries to Claudio Marchisio did not decline. He still allows recover appropriate predictions after undergoing surgery although not fast enough to participate in the Euro 2016.

Marchisio does not partake in the festivities on the Serie A title party after Juventusbeat Sampdoria 5-0, Saturday (4/5/2016) local time.

He had reportedly suffered postoperative complications from the knee injury suffered last month.

Marchisio has suffered a knee injury in my left leg. The problem gets when strengthening Juventus in the match against Palermo in the Juventus Stadium on April 17.

"His absence at celebrations of Liverpool yesterday was a precautionary measure. Claudio Marchisio is still undergoing treatment after knee surgery last month, "wrotean official statement Sepatu Futsal Specs Juventus.

"Inflammation in the knee after surgery delayed the first phase of undergoing a fitness program. After undergoing gradual improvements, the medical team Juventus still memprediksinya back practicing in the six-month period as projected, "he said.

Finally There Are Players Of The Birth Of Indonesia Juarai Serie

The injury makes it certainly can't Italy national team in Euro 2016.

Christian Abbiati will undergo his hobby claimed to another, mengoprek motorcycle, following his retirement from football. AC Milan's goalkeeper, 38-year-old was to thank you for the support of supporters over the years.

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Some time ago, Abbiati decided will retire after the season for 2015-2016. A match against AS Roma at San Siro on Saturday (14/5/2016), became the last chance he appear before the AC Milan supporters.

However, trainer Cristian Brocchi does not lose her altogether. Gianluigi Donnarumma remains believed to be the goalkeeper in a game ended 3-1 to AS Roma's victory.

Inasmuch as there is not played at all, any Christian Abbiati gave farewell congratulation to supporters of AC Milan after the whistle length reads.

"I didn't expect this kind of separation," said Christian Abbiati to Mediaset Premium.

Abbiati confess happy supporters remain seated on stools respectively although the match was over. Moreover, AC Milan lost.

"I was worried supporters will go before I say goodbyes. However, it turns out theyendure. I am grateful for that, "said Christian Abbiati.

Finally There Are Players Of The Birth Of Indonesia Juarai Serie

Another disappointment Abbiati could not be separated from the performance of labile AC Milan this season. According to him, the club called the Rossoneri I was often lost points when facing a team that should be defeated.

"I took the decision of a pension because it was too long in the top level. Perhaps, I was wrong because it proclaimed that with the past. However, I think this moment fixed to stop, "he said again.

Abbiati joined AC Milan since 1998. He was several times loaned to Juventus, Torinoand Atletico Madrid.

During the joining AC Milan, Christian Abbiati obtained a number of prestigious titles, including three Serie A titles, one Coppa Italy, and one of the Champions League.

"Now, I will try to do my other hobby, the world of motorcycling," said Christian Abbiati.

Saturday (14/5/2016) became a historic day for the Juventus goalkeeper, Emilio Audero. For the first time in his career, players bleed Indonesia received the Medal of the quarter-finals.

The 19-year-old player is goalkeeper it became the first Indonesia-born player who received the Medal of the competition's top tier champions of Italy.

After a long party whistles cons Sampdoria, Juventus players get the call back number. One of them walking on the carpet of blue, then climbed the podium.

Audero became the last player to the podium after Roberto Pereyra. Understandably, the players birth of Mataram, West Nusa Tenggara has the number 38.

Finally There Are Players Of The Birth Of Indonesia Juarai Serie

Audero product while scent his homeland. Because, there has been no previous players of the birth of Indonesia grabbed the first Scudetto.

Audero has the blood of Indonesia through his father, Edy Mulyadi, who came fromLombok. However, goalkeeper of birth 1997 it chooses the nationality of Italy.

She has already tasted the Italy national team uniform in level U-15, U-16 and U-17.U-18 and U-19. Until now, he had never received a call to the team under-21 and senior.

In the summer of 2015-2016, Audero listed in the squad for Juventus to Serie A andthe Champions League. However, she has yet to get a ration of a game in the senior team and is still often defending team Primavera.