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Arsenal Captain Retired

Valid United Kingdom League known as the terrible Eater competition coaches. After 2015-2016 season completed, there are 54 people peracik tactics that lost Office at the four top division competition in United Kingdom!

The record is the highest since 2001. The number of 54 managers fired scattered inthe competition Division of the Premier League, Championship, League One, and League Two.

In addition, as many as 12 other people chose to resign.

"It was a season that does not know forgiveness, disappoint, and embarrassing for the sport. This season is the worst, "said Richard Bevan, Chairman of the League Managers Association, told BBC Radio.

The two latest Manager who left his club is Roberto Martinez (Everton) and QuiqueSanchez Flores (Watford).

Arsenal Captain Retired

Martinez was fired after three seasons menukangi Everton, while Flores went after dropping off Watford finished 13th in the standings and reach the semi-finals of theEPL FA Cup.

"The current Pressure more not just for professional practitioners and managers, but also the owners and executives of the Club," said Bevan again.

High layoff numbers are called strongly influenced the stability of the clubs concerned. It covers in terms of performance on the field and business widely.

"If you fire the most important person every 8-10 months, what are its effects on the image of the Club? Clearly appears the instability and a lot of other problems, "said Bevan.

Previously, there were 47 times the dismissal until the end of last March. The number was increased by 7 people compared to last season.

Specifically on Premier League 2015-2016, it will be 10 times the turnover of coaches.

A major decision was taken the captain of Arsenal, Mikel Arteta. Spain midfielder was declared the season after the shoe hanging 2015-2016.

Arsenal Captain Retired

Arteta announced his decision a day after Arsenal won the decisive 4-0 over Aston Villa in the ultimate game of the Premier League by 2015-2016, Sunday (15/5/2016).This action while being pascadidera Arteta's injury comeback in January.

The inability to play at the highest level is the reason Arteta withdrew from the fieldto the green. This season, he only appeared for 161 minutes in the League, the second lowest number in the Arsenal squad after Jack Wilshere (141).

"It is very difficult to stop, but I want to do it," said ebrusia 34 players that year as reported by the Guardian.

"Since a few months ago, I was not good enough to represent the team in the field.You have to accept that condition, "said Artera.

Arteta's contract at Arsenal would indeed be expiring in June 2016. The Gunners Manager, Arsene Wenger, has already said some time ago that Arteta will continue a career as assistant coach Pep Guardiola at Manchester City.

"I heard about the possibility he docked to the City. He can tell you better than me,"said Wenger.

Arteta already 5 years in uniform Arsenal. The captain's long devotion generates two FA Cup.

In fact, Arteta started adventures in the United Kingdom along with Everton. He strengthened the original Liverpool City team that for 6 years (2007-2011) before finallydocked to the Arsenal.

Liverpool FC is rumored to have already entered into an agreement with goalkeeperFSV Mainz, Loris Karius. A 22-year-old Germany youth was prepared as a replacement for Simon Mignolet.

News of the deal was published a great medium Kicker, Germany, on Monday(16/5/2016), at 15 o'clock local time.

Karius indeed is one of the potential young goalkeeper in the Bundesliga. He was touted as a potential successor to Germany's number one goalkeeper at the moment,Manuel Neuer.

Arsenal Captain Retired

Birth 22 June youth is still bound to a contract with Mainz until 2018.

He can be obtained with a ransom of 10 million or equivalent to Rp 151 billion if other clubs want it before bond Karius ended in Mainz.

Transfer to the clubs of Liverpool Karius already earlier endorsed by Like instagram Germany national team coach of U-21, Horst Hrubesch.

"It was fantastic to see how many talented goalkeeper produced Germany. Each of them has a promising future. I'm sure players like Karius soon moved on to the big clubs, "said Hrubesch in Four Four Two.

The line of the back, including the goalkeeper, is often highlighted weaknesses in Liverpool. This season, The Reds beralias Club (the Red) conceded 50 times or more than the two goals conceded last season's numbers.

The presence of the Karius with handled fellow Germany, Juergen Klopp, believed to be a combination of future investment is right for Liverpool.

The figure of Goetze in the eyes of Prospective Rivals in Liverpool

Liverpool midfielder Roberto Firmino, did not feel threatened by the recruiting newsMario Goetze and Liverpool. According to Firmino, Goetze can instead be jacked upthe quality of his team.

The opinion of a number of meetings by Firmino effected by Goetze. First name got around to defend the Bundesliga, Hoffenheim, contestants for the next four seasons.

In the past, Firmino melakoni 12 game against Borussia Dortmund and Bayern Munich eight cons.

"I know very well when on Goetze Germany. He has great quality in midfield and attack, "said Firmino.

"In my opinion, Goetze will fit with us. Classy game than he would also help the team, "said Brazil-born players of it.

The figure of Goetze in the eyes of Prospective Rivals in Liverpool

The presence of Goetze could increase competition in the sector as an attacking midfielder for Liverpool. In this position, Firmino played eleven times in 2015-2016.

Goetze own rumored would leave because of lack of playing time on the coaching era of Josep Guardiola. He just underwent 1,219 seconds in the field on all the races of this season.

To discuss his future, Goetze is rumored to be in talks with Carlo Ancelotti. Last name ruled in Bavaria as of July 1, 2016.

Agent of Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Mino Raiola, stated that his client has not yet received a formal offer from Manchester United.

Raiola's statements is developing reports against protests in France. Man United had called one year duration proposals offered to the Sweden striker was. The contract includes an option of an extension of a season.

The figure of Goetze in the eyes of Prospective Rivals in Liverpool

Not be denied by Raiola that Ibrahimovic Middle evaluating number of bids, but not from the club called Vicious Red it.

"In this world, we see some journalists who use their imagination and create something. The news is not factual, "said Raiola.

Ibrahimovic will be a free transfer after his contract along with Paris Saint-Germain ended on June 30, 2016.

After party last Saturday, Nantes, cons (14/5/2016), he claimed to have already set the decision, but has not been willing to announce to the public.

In addition to Man United, 34-year-old striker was also linked with AC Milan and the Club's Major League Soccer (MLS). However, Milan almost certainly crossed out from the list of candidates due to financial factors.

Moses, a resident of Sierra Leone, willingly travels a great distance towards the United Kingdom to watch his favorite team, Manchester United. Alas, the long journey of the berbuntut fans disappointment.

Moses came to Old Trafford to watch United's duel versus Bournemouth, Tuesday(17/5/2016). This action became the last party of the devil Merahm nickname Premier League Premier League, in 2015-2016.

Good thing cannot be achieved, the poor cannot be denied. Moses saw Wayne Rooney fails to dkk after the game was cancelled due to security issues.

The figure of Goetze in the eyes of Prospective Rivals in Liverpool

Action should be started at 3 pm local time, or 9 pm. However, the police found a suspicious package at the tribune part of the North and West. Later a new note that it was just a fake bomb.

It leaves a deep disappointment in the hearts of Moses. How not, already Like instagram gratis spending money a lot and through a long journey, but it's off to witness firsthand the team perform.

"I'm very disappointed and I immediately burst into tears," said Moses as reported by the Guardian of.

"I came away from Sierra Leone. I'm here to witness the match, but to no avail, "saidMoses again.

Support group United, Manchester United get into Trust, thus demonstrating their solidarity with and gather funds for living expenses as long as Moses in Manchester.

"When the match is cancelled, we saw Moses was so disappointed. However, we try to do something for our friend, "said Ian Stirling, Vice Chairman of the Manchester United get into Trust.

Through its official statement, the Premier League as the highest caste competitionorganizers schedule a restart of Manchester United vs. Bournemouth be Tuesday (17/5/2016) at 20:00 or Monday 03.00.

Based on the official release, the game was canceled on the ticket last Sunday will remain in force for the match delay. Thus, Moses was able to realize his dream.

Not only that. A number of Manchester United fans also sought so that Moses could have watched the FA Cup final between his team and the Crystal Palace at Wembley Stadium, Saturday (21/5/2016)