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' Members ' Use Of "X-Men Manchester United

De Gea then showed an expression of disappointment. Error Smalling made the goalie failed to bring home the first Golden Glove in his career.

Golden Gloves given to goalkeeper clean sheet record the most in a single season.All the titles of the new Premier League, one time going condition in which there are two goalkeepers who holds the Gold Glove award, i.e. in 2013-2014.

At that time, Cech who still defend Chelsea and Arsenal goalkeeper Wojciech Szczesny, shared the title after both made 16 cleansheet.

Manchester City goalkeeper, Joe Hart, became the owner of most Golden Gloves trophy. Already 4 times he won the prestigious award. Meanwhile, Cech collected 3 Gold gloves.

Since its introduction in 2004-2005, Manchester United twice already receive the title. Two title diborong by Edwin van der Sar.

' Members ' Use Of "X-Men Manchester United

Manchester United won 3-1 victory over Bournemouth in the last game of the Premier League 2015-2016 at Old Trafford, Tuesday (17/5/2016). However, the Red Devilshave to bury the dream of performing in the Champions League next season for failing to win with 19 goals difference.

This new game was held after an earlier had canceled on Sunday (15/5/2016) due to the alleged bombs in Old Trafford Stadium.

Playing in front of their own supporters, Man United appear more dominate the course of the match. The Red Devils are able to have 67 percent possession.

The number of possession is also able to convert Man United into many opportunities to threaten goal Bournemouth. About 12 times the experiment with five on target Spurn successfully removed the landing Team Manager Louis van Gaal reacted to it.

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However, Man United had appeared bewildered to dismantle the defense of Bournemouth. To 40 minutes of the first, the Red Devils have only one chance.

New on 43 minutes, Man United was able to get the goal they seek. Through a slickcollaboration involving Juan Mata, Martial, and Anthony Marcus Rashford, the chances of successfully maximized into goals by Wayne Rooney.

Goals: Rooney is the 100 in the Premier League that is printed by the 30 year old player was at Old Trafford. Overall, Rooney has scored 178 goals in the Premier League.

' Members ' Use Of "X-Men Manchester United

Man United recently scored the second goal on 74 minutes through Spurn hard Rashford utilizing feedback aimed from Antonio Valencia. While Ashley Young scored the third goal on 87 minutes memanfaakan feeds Rooney.

Ahead of the end of the game, the Red Devils failed to clean sheet due to the own goal and Chris Smalling. National team Defender reflex movements of the United Kingdom was not perfect when trying to throw the ball at its own defense area padamenit to-90 + 3.

This 3-1 victory to make United back to-5 with 66 points or equal with Manchester City in fourth position due to the prominence of the difference in productivity by as much as 16 goals.

Interesting views of the action seen in the Premier League to meet the 2015-2016 host Manchester United and Bournemouth, Tuesday (17/5/2016).

Laga ke-38 week takes place at Old Trafford. Such matches usually, 11 Manchester United players get into the field with accompanied children called the escort.

There are a companion istimewaescort Wayne Rooney et al. Some of them wore uniforms with the names of the characters in the movie X-Men.

Now, the kids were performing with other X-Men on Sunday (15/5/2016). However,the match had to be postponed because of security problems.

Police found a suspicious package at the tribune part of the North and West. Later a new note that it was just a fake bomb.

When it was introduced two days ago, a number of escort showing 11 X-Men character. Not just the name on the back of the jersey, the kids also appeared as the character they perankan.

Nothing to wear sunglasses like Cyclops, blue-body tub of Mystique, and others.

Not without reason the strongholds of the United dressing the escort as human mutant character. This they did in order to welcome the film X-Men: Apocalypse that debuted in the United Kingdom on Wednesday (18/5/2016).