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The Reaction Of The Group D, It's Time Lampiaskan Revenge

Milan coach Massimiliano Allegri: "last season we lost a great opportunity when it lost 0-1 in Seville so that it becomes the second group."

"The atmosphere in Lyon and Zagreb will also very intense. We need to be careful and focused. We know our goals. "

Jose Castro, President of Seville: "this group is difficult, but we have the opportunity.Juventus is the favorite. We should try to grab second place and I make sure we will fight. "

Bruno Genesio, coach of Lyon: "I said to the players to believe in the opportunities that exist, even though we know this is a heavy group. We will try to avoid defeat at home and boast of our supporters. "

The Reaction Of The Group D, It's Time Lampiaskan Revenge

Hillal Soudani, attackers Zagreb: "see you Marko Pjaca (former winger Zagreb now costumed Juventus)."
Meetings between Bayern Munich and Atletico will be a prestigious game in this group, while action repeats last season's semi-final.

Then, Bayern trained Josep Guardiola must be knocked out after losing the aggressiveness away goals from Atletico even though drew 2-2 on aggregate.

Bayern originally swallowing defeat 0-1 at home to Atletico Madrid. Xabi Alonso and his friends then reply to the defeat by beating Atletico Madrid 2-1 at the Allianz Arena. However, Atletico was the one who has the right to grab the final tickets due to the aggressiveness of the opponent at home.

This time, the task of replying to the failure on the shoulders Carlo Ancelotti as coach of Bayern. However, note the Italy coach is not too endearing kala met Atletico.

Ancelotti already 15 times meet Atletico mostly occur when he for directing Real Madrid. As a result, Ancelotti recorded 5 WINS, 5 defeats and 5 series. Not only in Bavaria, PSV also carrying the Mission of revenge to Atletico. The Netherlands team eliminated Atletico when met at the round of 16 last season.

At that time, PSV had to bury his dream of qualifying for the quarter-final penalty shootout defeat because of Atletico.

The Reaction Of The Group D, It's Time Lampiaskan Revenge

Then how to response 4 team against Chelsea this group?

Carlo Ancelotti, coach of Bayern Munich: a difficult group. We have to be confident.Atletico got rid of Bavaria on last season. Rostov surprise by beating Ajax in the play-off round. While PSV's only defeat of Atletico on penalties in last season. This group would be difficult. Clemente Villaverde, Manager Director of Atletico Madrid: a group difficult and interesting. Last season, we demonstrate the capability of beatingBayern. This season, we wanted to do it again.

Dmitri Kirichenko, coach While Rostov: game enclosure would be a big thrill for everyone. I am sure the supporters will help us to achieve positive results. We have a really wonderful in our Stadium and supporters deserve it.

Luuk de Jong, PSV Striker: together, we can get through the group phase, as was the case last season. Leicester City (United Kingdom), Club Brugge (Belgium), and Kobenhavn (Denmark) is the League champions from each country, while FC Porto are Champions League Champions 2003-2004.

How is the response from the team's fourth representative after knowing the resultsof the draw the group phase of the Champions League at Monaco, Thursday (25/8/2016)?

Following various reactions about the results of the draw in Group g. Claudio Ranieri, Manager of Leicester: "I want my players to fight against the best teams in Europe.All teams in this competition will fight like a champion and we must perform 100 percent to make our supporters proud. "

"Now, we have a chance to show the quality of subsequent hit us. Our supporters have the opportunity to witness their team skirted Europe against Porto, ClubBrugge, and Kobenhavn. "

Nuno Espirito Santo of Porto, coach: "we know will face three champions of each country, but every opponent will also have to take into account the strength and ambition of us." Michel Preud'Homme, coach of Club Brugge: "we know who the opponent will be faced and we are aware of our strength. If the calculated mathematically, I think we are more ideal pursue third position. "

Stale Solbakken, the Manager of the Kobenhavn: "If you see the teams that could potentially meet with us, the group is almost like we expected."

"History shows that very important collecting as many points as possible from the game enclosure, that is why this group is good for us."