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Yet think about Chelsea, Antonio Conte focus to Euro 2016

In 21 consecutive seasons, Arsenal made happy because it can always celebrate Saint Totteringham's Day.

Author: Sem Bagaskara

Saint Totteringham's's day is a custom fan Arsenal to celebrate the success of their team finishing on top of the ardent rivals, Tottenham Hotspur.

However, Premier League 2015/16 should have ended Arsenal with a story that is more beautiful than the certainty of the presence of Saint Totteringham's Day.

Yes, the success of the finish over Tottenham certainly would be perfect if Arsenal could be holding the trophy champion.

The Gunners directly associated with Premier League title 2015/16 so successfully recruited Petr Cech for free from Chelsea in the summer of last year.

Yet think about Chelsea, Antonio Conte focus to Euro 2016

Legendary Chelsea Defender John Terry, Cech worth 12 to 15 extra points made Arsenal.

However, Cech then even make blunders which resulted in The Gunners 2-0 surrender of West Ham on the opening weekend.

Czech Republic goalkeeper was then able to rise with incised six clean sheet in 10 party follows. Along with the improving performance of Cech, Arsenal soon re-entered the stock champion.

The best period for The Gunners going towards Christmas 2015, where they successfully scooped up 11 WINS in 14 matches, including meetings with competitors directly semodel Leicester (5-2), Manchester United (3-0) and Manchester City (2-1).

However, Arsenal again encountered a problem that always haunts them in a couple of seasons later, i.e. injuries and inconsistency in performance.

Score 3-3 draw against Liverpool at the start of January became the trigger for the initial decimation of Arsene Wenger's squad's dream to grab the title.

Yet think about Chelsea, Antonio Conte focus to Euro 2016

The results that followed with the score goalless draw against Stoke (0-0), the defeat of Chelsea (0-1), and one score goalless again versus Southampton (0-0).

The dramatic victory over Leicester on February 14 as meaningless, because The Gunners fell down following two-party con man. United (2-3) and Swansea (0-1).

Than too late in the euphoria of celebration of Saint Totteringham's's day this season, Arsenal personnel better using "feast day" as a reminder that it was once again the inconsistencies have keep them away from the highest achievement.


A 2-1 victory over Leicester (14/2). Offside Danny Welbeck who created the final minute bak became valid evidence of mental of champions Arsenal.


4-0 defeat of Southampton on Boxing Day. Wenger aggravate the situation by criticizing the performance of the referee.


Mesut Oezil becomes King of assists Premier League. As many as 19 led to his goals. This season mengkreasi 146 Oezil opportunities, most in the five major European leagues.


Theo Walcott failed to replace the duty as the source of the team's goals at a time when Alexis Sanchez (13 goals) or Olivier Giroud (16) was unable to perform. He justscored 5 goals.

Yet think about Chelsea, Antonio Conte focus to Euro 2016


Alex Iwobi instantly make touchdowns in up the starter in the game versus Everton.Proof that Wenger still saw the potential of the young leaves of jelly.

The new manager of Chelsea FC, Antonio Conte, insists that his focus is currently still with Italy's national team. 46-year-old coach was admitted to haven't thought about any of The Blues.

Conte's new focus will be deal with Chelsea after Italy trip in 2016 European Championship France ends.

He will replace Guus Hiddink's position and intent on rebuilding the heyday of Chelsea after experiencing a slump in summer 2015-2016 with finish in 10th position of the Premier League standings.

Conte confirmed that he will only focus with what will soon he faced, namely the 2016 European Championship.

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Moreover, these Championships are the first since her taking over the coaching Chair from the hands of Cesare Prandelli after the 2014 Brazil World Cup.

"Everyone who knows me will know that I run jobs one after the other, and I alwaystry to do it in a way as possible," said Conte is quoted from Sky Sports.

"The European Cup is the end of my two-year journey along Italy national football team. I want to face this tournament with the best way because it is aware of the difficulty levels is faced, "he said.

Conte will try to put Italy in a better position than the European Cup at the previous edition in Poland-Ukraine. On the title, Italy will have to settle for being in the runner-up position after Spain crushed by a score of 0-4.

The last time Italy won the European Cup in 1968 held in his own country.

"I always talk about the job. We will always strive to work using our mind and tries to be bring something extraordinary, "said Conte.

Ahead of the 2016 European Championship, Italy will do the warm-up against Scotland and Finland.

On the 2016 European Championship, Italy joined in Group E along with Belgium, Republic of Ireland, and Sweden.