Senin, 16 Januari 2017

Ronaldo: Real Madrid Will Won La Liga Title This Season

Cristiano Ronaldo pede that he could bring Real Madrid to win La Liga this season, and is confident that his team is more favorite than Barcelona and Atletico Madrid.

Madrid last won the domestic competition in the 2011-12 season and sellau left behind from the competing in four seasons.

Ronaldo's return in a match against Osasuna, Saturday (10/9) scored one goal in a 5-2 victory over his opponent.

"I want to win all the trophies as much as possible and I am delighted if it could grab the title of La Liga," said CR7.

"It is a trophy we always wanted and the team looks solid and also nice. We started it well and hope we can continue this. "

"This is a competition that long, but I believe we can which this season."

Ronaldo: Real Madrid Will Won La Liga Title This Season

The 31-year-old player was getting closer to his new contract at the Santiago Bernabeu.

"For the moment I can not imagine anything else besides my career at Real Madrid," he said.

"This is the biggest Club in the world and the best players are here. What I want is to continue playing and end my career here.
Host Barcelona get first punch in League competition, after Lionel Messi and his friends pick promotional Club Alaves 1-2 at the Camp Nou stadium, Sunday early morning GMT.

This defeat makes Barcelona is stuck in the top four of the standings temporarily with six poinm, three points difference from pemuncak standings Real Madrid. As for Alaves rises to seven position with the acquisition of five points, equals six position inVillarreal points.

Alaves winning 1-0 thanks to a goal Deyserson created thanks to bait Kiko on 39. GOL was the fruit of a first attack Alaves along the first half.

Direct Barcelona equalize when the new second half runs two minutes. Jeremi Mathieu beaten to the ball that rattled the goal nets with Alaves forward Neymar cornersbait.

Ronaldo: Real Madrid Will Won La Liga Title This Season

Mathieu missed a golden opportunity to turn superiority once Spurn the hard volleyball thin sideways from the goal he gave up Alaves on 49 minutes.

Alaves thus again stole the goals 1-2 passing through Mascherano Gomes action later without looking nervous managed to confuse goalkeeper Barcelona Cillessen on64 minutes.

In the position of lagging behind, Barcelona eventually lowers the scorer Luis Suarezto help Lionel Messi who came first at minute 60 replaced Denis Suarez.

Lionel Messi and Xavi could attempt to unload enough Alaves defence meeting. Barcelona defender also attacked forward, but until the match ended 2-1 victory for Alaves.

FIFA rejected the appeal filed by Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid also to sanction their transfer, with this two original clubs of Madrid is prohibited from registering their new players in the next transfer window two.
Madrid and Atletico are now unable to register the player until January 2018 to come, with the fines they must pay 900.000 francs and 360.000 Switzerland Switzerland francs.

Barcelona never underwent similar sanctions in 2014 and then, where the two players they Arda Turan and Aleix Vidal had to wait for six months to melakoni their debut.

Real Madrid any ascertained will bring this case to the Court of arbitration of sport(CAS).

Real Madrid and Atletico are the punishment because it is known to recruit playersunder the age of 18 years in January, 2016.

However both Real Madrid and Atletico are still allowed FIFA to conduct the release of players.

"The FIFA Appeal Committee decided to reject the appeal filed Atletico Madrid and Real Madrid in cases relating to the protection of minors," the FIFA official statement, Wednesday (8/9/2016) local time.

"Thus, both clubs will be undergoing a ban on transfers of players, both national and international level, for two periods the stock transfers."