Kamis, 19 Januari 2017

Bravo and the brilliance of Messi silliness So the story behind the victory of Barcelona

Initially, Messi did stab into the heart of Man City defense. Origin of the Argentina Star then gave the ball to Ivan Rakitic who merangsek went into the penalty box.

Rakitic then did a back-heel. The City midfielder, Fernandinho, trying to sweep the ball but the Brazil midfielder terpleset.

Real Madrid regardless of 2 control of opposing players, successfully controlled theball. With high technique, he outwit Bravo before finally entering the ball
City nearly equalize after Ilkay Guendogan successfully opened fire from close range. Unfortunately, the ball shot Guendogan results by Marc-Andre Ter Stegen.

City Defender, John Stones, then managed to release aimed to exploit the feedbackDavid Silva during injury time. But this time, the ball aimed Stones still dilated.

Bravo and the brilliance of Messi silliness So the story behind the victory of Barcelona

Rescue a hit also on Bravo. The Chile goalkeeper managed to do 2 times with rescue shook off the ball shot Suarez. The heroic action of Bravo made the goal City is not conceded a second time to the time gap.

However, Bravo did a fatal mistake that made he received a red card on 52 minutes.Then, Bravo out away from the nest to control the ball. Mean to want to throw the ball but the skin round sweep Bravo instead fell to the feet of Suarez.

Quickly, Suarez opened fire. Bravo then make blunders because shook off the ball with his hands outside the penalty box. Playing with 10 players, Barcelona was forced to forego Nolito. The Spain midfielder was replaced by goalkeeper Wilfredo Caballero on 57 minutes.

However, Guardiola was forced to see his pass conceded a second time in 61 minutes. Messi returned records his name on the scoreboard, following the ball sliced a nested result to the bottom right corner of the net. Messi then managed to record a hat-trick goal Schilling on 69 minutes. Initially, Suarez merangsek into the penalty box and try to let go of the bait.
The ball is kept about the Agency before falling to leg Kolarov Real Madrid. Messi with alacrity the difficult shot foiled Caballero.
After that, the match took place in balance. Barca had to play with 10 players because Jeremy Mathieu was cast out.

Origin of the France defender received a second yellow card for violating Sterling on 73 minutes.

However, Barca getting penalty because Messi dilangar Kolarov on 86 minutes. Apesnya, Taiwo who ran as the executioner failed to even score a goal because the ballsliced results managed by Caballero.

Regardless, Taiwo managed to penetrate his mistakes with a goal that she presented on 88 minutes. After outwit 2 opposing players, Neymar opened fire which makesthe ball lodged into the right-hand side of the City.

Bravo and the brilliance of Messi silliness So the story behind the victory of Barcelona

The dominance shown in action in Muenchen Fusball Arena. They controlled the ball possession of 66 percent compared to 34 percent.

The first goal the Munich born on the 13th minute. Starting corner, Thomas Muellerreceived the ball freely and menceploskannya to the goal. Young stars Muenchen, Joshua Kimmich, the host advantage in the 21st minute. Quarterback was 21 that year conquered goalie Jeroen Was via a Jack who David Alaba.

PSV is not without resistance. Enter the guest team 41, slashed the gap to score after Luciano Narsingh shot lodged in the left side of the NET control Manuel Neuer.

However, the Munich back away. Goal scorer Robert Lewandowski bring FC Hollywood widened the distance again to 3-1 in 59 minutes.

The tap goal Munich seems to stop. On 84 minutes, the position changed 4-1 via Jack Arjen Robben.

The victory made Munich remaining in the second stage Group D standings with 6 points tally. They left behind 3 numbers of Atletico Madrid as the pemuncak table, which won 1-0 over hosts FC Rostov.

Meanwhile, PSV occupies the ladder with one collection points. In the most protruding position there is Rostov which also recently had a point.