Senin, 16 Januari 2017

League Champions Spain The Main Shooting, Gareth Bale

Four seasons without a League title, making Gareth Bale pentolan Real Madrid players are steamy. He also suggested that the title to La Liga season 2016/2017, so the main target, while maintaining a degree of the Champions League.

Since joining the Club, based at the Bernabeu Stadium this, Bale has twice won the Champions League and King's Cup. But, the League title is something that is still being angan-angannya.

Real lost the League title captured Bercelona on the final day last season, due to losing a numbers and have never again won the title since 2012, when they collect 100numbers under Jose Mourinho.

Real have won the opening two games in the League this season, where Bale contributed two goals as they won 3-0 at the headquarters of Real Sociedad. They will continue their campaigns following the gap international, with face Osasuna on Saturday (10/9).

League Champions Spain The Main Shooting, Gareth Bale

"It's important for us to be champions of La Liga this season," said Bale.

"That's our focus this year, even though we want to win all the trophies, including the League of Spain. I am excited about our match against Osasuna. They will complicate us but it would be fantastic because we have a full team, "explained Bale.

Real became the most team collect the League title with Spain 32 degrees, but his rivals Barcelona won six titles from eight last season, while the City team Atletico lately won the League more than Real, where they lifted the trophy in 2014.
Atletico Madrid coach Diego Simeone is convinced that players Antoine Griezmanncan be as powerful as Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi to become elite players of the world.

In the eight seasons both Messi and CR7 has also monopolized the title of best player of the world series.

This year will be the Challenger Griezmann midfielder of Real Madrid and Barcelonaas well.

League Champions Spain The Main Shooting, Gareth Bale

Last season a total of 22 goals successfully pinned by a French player was and himself also enters into nomination for the best players of Europe (UEFA) along with Gareth Bale and Ronaldo.

"Griezmann know he was in a tremendous Club which will continue to grow each day and the coaches want him," said Simeone.

"The purpose of her life was there beside Messi and Ronaldo and also the best in the world."

Simeone's future in question had become an outspoken Atleti their failure in last season's Champions League final, but her fans to ensure that the move of the Club toa new Stadium next season will be a good challenge.

"I'm happy," he said. "We have a great stadium to be enjoyed next year and I hope to be there."

"When I see him I say why I am still here. I think simple. "
Alvaro Morata is reported ready to compete with other players for one spot in front of Real Madrid's midfield this season.

In the last two seasons Madrid always down with a trio of ' self ' in the BBC'S GarethBale, Karim Benzema and Cristiano Ronaldo also.

Morata go left the Santiago Bernabeu in 2014 and then to proceed to Juventus, buthe had returned was purchased by Madrid in July with a five-year contract.

League Champions Spain The Main Shooting, Gareth Bale

Morata has opened the tap golnya this season when scoring in Real Madrid's 2-1 victory over Celta Vigo at the weekend. Her hope coach Zane continued to entrust a place for him.

"No matter if Benzema played on Saturday tomorrow," said Morata told Gazzetta dello Sport.

"Patience and ambition are very important. If I cannot play from the start I must do as against Lichtenstein (Barcelona Spain), sign in and scored a goal. "
"At Juventus two seasons I learned lot of things what I must do when in Madrid; which should make use of all the opportunities that exist. "

"Since that first experience in Madrid I was well developed. Fernando Morientes ismy Idol, he spoke to me that I should go and back. I listen to it and do it well. "

"True indeed if I went to another team I would have played more, but Real is my dream and I want to realize a dream. That's all I had in mind. "

"They (the BBC) are the three best players in the world, but I always like to fight to play and will give you all the difficulties for the coach."

"I hope Zidane will rotate because it's good for everything," said Morata.