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UEFA Would Eliminate An Additional Round Of

Coaches like Sir Alex Ferguson, Carlo Ancelotti and Rafael Benitez, discusses the importance of direct action continued Act on penalties when the teams played a goalless draw in the fall.

Fergie explains why the need for an extra leg removed. He assesses round extra time only makes the player fatigue and rarely produce the winner.

"A number of coaches to explain that the match should have been straight penalty kicks. Others think that with penalties will benefit the smaller teams that normally play survives, "said UEFA Chief Technical Officer, Ioan Lupescu." One of the obvious isthe player in this time more to compete and we began to survive are still need an extra leg, "sambungnya.

With the removal of an extra round, according to Fergie, the match became more protected. "I don't want to see players fatigue in the extra time. When the whistle was blown after 90 minutes, I have always felt action should proceed to the penalty shootout, "review Fergie.

UEFA Would Eliminate An Additional Round Of

So, an extra half step UEFA abolishes mimicking the implementation of Copa Libertadores. The equivalent of the Champions League tournament held in South America is no longer using an extra round match ended goalless. Man City will meet Barcelona in Group C of the Champions League. Meet Barcelona into second chances for the Giants team they Pep Spain.

Barca not be denied is the first Pep love. She felt the success as a player and a coach when uniformed Pep.

As a coach, Pep handle El Barca in 2008-2012, and offered 15 titles, including two Champions League titles. He then migrated to Bayern Munich for three seasons before joining the City at the start of this season.

"We're going against the best team. There has not been a team that's as good as than Barcelona. Front-line trio they make a big difference but many who work behind them, "said Pep.

In addition to Barcelona, Pep is also no stranger to Borussia Moenchengladbach Central. He meets Moenchengladbach Central while still mengangani of Bavaria.

So far, the Pep has already met six times Moenchengladbach Central. As a result, Pep grabbed 2 victories, 2 draw and 2 defeats.

UEFA Would Eliminate An Additional Round Of

"I am also aware of Moenchengladbach Central. I know they are very good and will be a good test. If we fail in the initial matches, 2 we were outplayed, "he said.

City will magpies Prime group stage with against Moenchengladbach Central on Tuesday (13/9/2016). After that, The Citizens will visit to the headquarters of Celtic onmatchday 2 on Wednesday (29/9/2016). Pick that in fact the former Barcelona coach, never facing the Club two seasons ago, precisely when he was handling the Bayern Munich.

At that time, Bavaria met El Barca in the Champions League semi-final. In the first leg at the Camp Nou stadium, Barcelona win three goals without reply.

As for the second-leg match at the Allianz Arena, Bayern only won 3-2. Barcelona have to accept the fact removed by her former team.

UEFA Would Eliminate An Additional Round Of

This season, along with the City, Guardiola would again face to face with Barcelona.Men 45 years was admitted his team is a group of enthusiastic with Barcelona. " I cannot deny that back to Barcelona is something special for me. I grow there. Most of my life is spent in there, "said Guardiola, Friday (26/8/2016).

"The first time you had to deal with them, it was like ' wow '. However, for the latterfeels normal, "said Guardiola.

The first meeting between the City and Barcelona in the group phase will take place at Camp Nou stadium, on October 19, 2016. As for the second meeting, at the Etihad Stadium, held on November 1, 2016.

In addition to the City of Barcelona, with one group with representatives of Scottish, Glasgow Celtic, and clubs of the Bundesliga, Borussia Moenchengladbach Central.

"We have to show our best performance to qualify for the next stage," said Guardiola.

"I know very well and so did Borussia Moenchengladbach Central. I also respect the Celtic. They've got a lot on the European scene, "he said.