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Win 3 times in quick succession, Atletico Asked Remain Grounded

Atletico gained a third victory came when FC Rostov in the stadium headquarters Olimp 2, Monday (19/10/2016). Yannick Carrasco became the decisive victory of the team through his only goal on 62 minutes.

In the previous two games, PSV's squad Simeone bend and Bayern Munich. They seized two parties with similar scores, i.e., 1-0.

Considering the European stage Atletico journey is still long, Antoine Griezmann asked Simeone dkk to stay focused.
"We need to remain grounded more than ever before," said Simeone was quoted UEFA official page.

Further, Simeone flattering Carrasco. This Belgium midfielder who scored the only goal when Atletico's silence.

"Cararsco a great game. I'm very happy for him, "said Simeone.

"Carrasco ought to maintain its performance. He can still continue to grow, "said Guy origin Argentina it.

Win 3 times in quick succession, Atletico Asked Remain Grounded

Three wins in a row make Atletico firmly in the top Group d. They collected 9 pointsor winning 3 digit top Muenchen Muenchen. successful hit PSV 4-1 in a duel in the Arena of special names Fusball Allianz Arena in the Champions League. Three additional points to make them survive in the Group D standings with a second packageof 6 numbers.

Four goals in Munich was born to Thomas Mueller in the 13th minute, Joshua Kimich (21 '), Robert Lewandowski (59 ') and Arjen Robben (84 '). PSV can only be countered through Luciano Narsingh (41 ').

In the eyes of Ancelotti, Philipp Lahm dkk already perform very well and play in accordance with his wishes. " We played good. That is what I expected, "said Ancelotti was quoted UEFA.com.

Despite big win, Ancelotti acknowledges that its troops had suffered a bit of an obstacle.

"We showed good reactions. We are having some problems in the final minute of the first half, but it's okay, "said the former Real Madrid tactic that interpreter.

The result is at once a meeting record memperbagus Munich with PSV. Clashed seven times, the team called FC Hollywood excels with five victories.

Win 3 times in quick succession, Atletico Asked Remain Grounded

Bavaria is currently ranked second in Group D with a collection of six points. They left behind three of Atletico Madrid who wiped out the victory. Mesut Oezil hat-trickand a goal each from Theo Walcott, Alexis Sanchez, and Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain keep positive trend The Gunners.

Absolute superiority over Arsenal Ludogorets became the 7th victory they achievedwithout breaking up on various event.

Those facts gave rise to happiness and satisfaction for Wenger.

"We scored a lot of goals and don't concede. We also play fast and dangerous. Theresults are truly important to winning the game enclosure in competition was ranked first in the group, "said Wenger on the UEFA website. Action cons Ludogorets alsovital as a historical moment for the senior tactics peracik aged 66 years.

The passing of this duel, Wenger even victory to-100 along with Arsenal in the European club scene.

The record that lies since he was appointed menukangi of The Gunners starting 1996. The number of 100 victory Wenger is politically subdivided into 81 times in the main round (group phase and knock-out), 13th in the qualifying stage of the Champions League, and six times in the UEFA Cup. The sequence of positive result earned Arsenal deliver them to runners-up position in the standings while the Premier League and top of Group A in the Champions League.
When Arsenal is undergoing a period of impressive domestic and continental-levelcompetition, Wenger does not want its troops relax the focus.

"Don't be too quick to give judgment. We've got the material and spirit squads are tough, but the team must remain set foot into the Earth. The only way great achievement is the focus for the next game and humble, "said Wenger again.

Arsenal and Paris Saint-Germain is now equally collected 7 points from three matches. However, PSG had to settle in the second place because of the lost goal difference from Arsenal. Origin of the successful Argentina star scored 3 goals that make ElBarca victory with a score of 3 goals without reply.

Such notes as if confirms Real Madrid is the specter of scary for United Kingdom clubs. How not, the 29-year-old attacker total has scored 16 goals in his encounter against United Kingdom.

United Kingdom clubs who once burglarized Messi was City, and Arsenal, Manchester United. Of the 16 goals, 5 goals of which created Messi to play City. Ditorehkannya three goals in the match, while the other two goals were created when met City inthe round of 16 of the Champions League season 2013-2014.

Arsenal became the Club's most fond burglarized Messi. A total of 9 goals already digelontorkan Messi to play once The Gunners from 6 matches. As for against Man United, Chelsea are capable of scoring 2 goals in 4 matches.

Even so, Messi is not always capable of scoring while grounded theory United Kingdom team. He failed miserably against Chelsea and Liverpool.