Senin, 16 Januari 2017

Do Not Use An Agent, Griezmann Soon Docked To Manchester United?

Atletico Madrid player Antoine Griezmann ensured no agent will wear again in charge of negotiating contracts and also transfer in the future.

"From now on I will work without an agent," said Griezmann as quoted from L ' Équipe.

"However, I will always get advice from my father and also my mentor, Eric Olhats," he said.

Eric Olhats is the one who discovered the talent of future Griezmann himself playingin the Maconnais and Academy in a tournament early in Montpellier, France.

Olhats bring Griezmann to Real Sociedad at age 14 years. After having studied at the Academy of La Real, Griezmann entered the main squad in 2009.

Do Not Use An Agent, Griezmann Soon Docked To Manchester United?

In the last few seasons showed his best game, Griezmann scene Euro 2016 being the platform of the stunningly action players aged 25 years.

Although already found a new contract at Atletico, Griezmann cannot close his desire to defend his childhood Idol Club that is Manchester United.

Especially at United there is now Paul Pogba, he was in the French national team.
The good news for the Club's goalkeepers coach Diego Simeone services, after her two years cutting his contract at Atletico Madrid. It is reported by the daily of originSpain, the US and the Sport.

In the summer of this year that the new Argentina coach got a new contract for four years at the Vicente Calderon, and it was at the club until the year 2020.

Simeone are ready to leave Atletico in the summer of 2018 World Cup or after rolling in Russia.

The disappointment was visible peaking when Simeone himself failed to bring Atletico grabbed the title at the Champions League trophy last season, after losing to Real Madrid in the final.

In the remaining two years of his contract later, Simeone also reportedly got a significant salary increases.

Several top European clubs ranging from Inter Milan, Paris Saint Germain until the Argentina national team coach's old services meminati rumored 46 this year.
Back the supporters clubs Barcelona do hazards in a Champions League match against Celtic on Tuesday (13/9) night, and UEFA would drop threatened sanctions for clubs of Catalan origin.

Do Not Use An Agent, Griezmann Soon Docked To Manchester United?

At least the Barca supporters waved the flag of 30,000 pro Catalan independence in such action.

Where this will certainly provoke the anger of UEFA because of the manner of the Barca fans. Earlier, Barcelona had fined 30,000 Euros because of the US flag Esteladas in the Champions League final last season.

The Agency controls, ethics, and discipline UEFA sets Barcelona guilty had violated the regulation contained in article 16 (2) (3). The content of the regulation that bansthe use of mention about gestures, words, objects, or any thing meaningful transmits messages that are not suitable for sporting events, particularly political messages,ideological, religious, provocative attack or attitude.

Recently two of the icons of the Club i.e. the Club President Josep Maria Bartomeu and Captain Andres Iniesta followed the marches in the pro independence of their territory.

In addition to raising the flag, the fan also chanted shouted shouted Catalan independence on 17 minutes and 14 seconds. The action was deliberately done to mark the siege of Barcelona which occurred in 1714.
Luis Suarez success to surpass Cristiano Ronaldo both in terms of goals or assists in100 of their games together.
Origin of the Uruguay players that managed to get off the bench to play the game to his 100-along with Barcelona on Saturday (10/9) against Alaves. Despite losing 1-2 from the guest team, Suarez had managed a remarkable record.

Suarez came from Liverpool on the 2014 season ago, and already collecting 88 goals and 43 assists for Barcelona in all competitions. He just swallowed a whopping 12 times, with 80 of the 100 matches he won success.

Suarez dominated the record apiknya from either Ronaldo or Lionel Messi in La Liga, but he notes the goals more than the second player on last season with 59 goals.