Kamis, 19 Januari 2017

Enrque Messi Praise

Successful Real Madrid scored three goals in those games. This is a great hat-trick to-41 along the career of Real Madrid. As for the other one goal, created for his 89minutes.

"He's a player. Messi was involved in all the key moments of the match, "praise Enrique.

Enrique any rate Real Madrid play excited even though she realized her recently recovered from injury.

"In doing a final resolution, as if Messi was playing in the school yard. It doesn't matter whether he has recovered from injury, "said Enrique.

Overall, Enrique claimed to be grateful with a victory that earned the son ofasuhnya. According to him, the match against City belongs to matches difficult.

"City is a team that is constantly changing-changing during the game. The hard things against them. City play nice until the end of the game, "he said.

Enrque Messi Praise

Thanks to this victory, Barcelona temporarily tops the standings with 9 points, while the City was in second place with 4 points.
Barca won the match by a score of 4-0. Barca were originally capable of scoring one goal in the first half.

However, after the City lost the Bravo on since 53 minutes, Barca getting comfortable playing so adding 3 goals.

Bravo do silly actions with Luis Suarez shot shook off the ball outside the penalty area at minute 53. Due to his actions, Bravo rewarded the red card by referee MiloradMazic, Serbian origin.

TER Stegen which is the upholstery Bravo Barca in last season, still provide support for former colleagues.

"I will talk with other things matter, Bravo is not about mistakes. Things like this can happen in the life of a goalkeeper. However, I'm sure that's not a problem for him or the City, "said Ter Stegen.

In addition to benefitting the red card received by Bravo, this Barca victory is inseparable from the stylish appearance of the successful Barcelona registered a hat-trick.

Enrque Messi Praise

"Messi is very important to us and our game. We have very good players who can score a goal and we are one of the best teams of the world. However, we have to prove it in every game, "said Ter Stegen. Barca won the match by a score of 4-0. Three goals between them created Lionel Messi, while one other for his written goal (89 ').

City to end the match with 10 players. Bravo do silly actions with Luis Suarez shot shook off the ball outside the penalty area at minute 53. Due to his actions, Bravo dikartumerahkan by the referee Milorad Mazic, Serbian origin. Play 10 players, goalkeeper Wilfredo Caballero escorted City conceded three goals.

"I have spoken with him. He was disappointed but that's part of the game," saidPep.

PEP else ask Bravo does not change the style of the game.

"He is the best goalkeeper in the last 10 years. She was sad but it would be a lot to learn, "said Pep. Moments that make Bravo censure on Twitter happens on 53 minutes. Players who had a chance to reinforce the Barca during the span of 2014  2016that shook off the ball kick results Suarez outside the penalty box.

Without thinking, the referee Milorad Mazic issued a red card for Bravo. City ever lost a disastrous 0-4. City cannot withstand the power of action that Cristiano Ronaldo had hit three goals in 17 minutes, 61, and 69. One goal again coming from Xavi (90 '). Barcelona's last three goals it is appended after the Bravo out.

Enrque Messi Praise

As a result, netizen busy-busy flooding the timeline with sentences and pictures hilarious silly mistake related Bravo.

One meme featuring Joe Hart. This United Kingdom national team goalkeeper was forced to move to Torino on loan because Man City bring Bravo to Etihad Stadium.Oezil becomes the star of the victory over Arsenal when the grind Ludogorets 6-0 atthe Emirates Stadium, London. Three other Arsenal goal scored by Alexis Sanchez, Theo Walcott, and Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain.

Trigol 28 year old Germany midfielder appeared in the second half. Previously, Oezilmengarsiteki the birth of the second goal Arsenal scored Walcott on the first half.

Bait the bear goals for Walcott recorded as assists Prime Oezil on the various races of this season.

Thus, men beralias the OWL because the large eyelids had been pulled off 44 assistsin 127 uniformed appearance for Arsenal since 2013. The interesting thing is the sharpness Oezil start align with production supplied the assist.
In 10 appearances total in 2016-2017, a collection of 6 golnya already far exceeds the nicks assists.

The moment counter special Ludogorets duel due to give birth to a hat-trick in acquiring Prime Oezil for his professional career.

Before the middle of this week, the best record of Oezil scored two goals in one party going against Norwich City in the League, exactly three years ago (19/10/2013)! " When see him practicing, Serkan scored whenever he wants. It looks like he has an appetite for scoring right now, "said Wenger, the Mirror was quoted as saying.