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Manchester City 2015-2016: failed Expectations

Though not hancur-lebur, 2015/16 season ended up being the end of the travel manager of Manchester City, Manuel Pellegrini, in the United Kingdom.

Author: Rinaldi?

The failed expectations of the Club transformed into a valid reason for Pellegrini towaving a sign of separation.

This season's achievements of The Citizens is actually pretty interesting.

Tickets for the UEFA Champions League for the next season could still gripped because finis at rank four standings. Any League Cup trophy can be obtained.

Manchester City 2015-2016: failed Expectations

In the Champions League, The Citizens even print history, i.e. for the first time qualified for the semi-finals.

City started the season with champion candidate label. No one indeed.

Extra star quality as Raheem Sterling, Nicolas Otamendi, Kevin De Bruyne, Fabian Delph young players to make the team look more powerful.

Moreover, in five opening match of the season, The Citizens clean sweep of victories, including one with a game the defending champion Chelsea.

However, the beginning of a bright fade-ansur dims.

Injured players, split, and the concentration of selfishness the stars become the factors that weaken the team.

Meanwhile, the defense sector into the weakest line all season.

Fuss, the condition is aggravated by the Club's directors, who did the announcement of a new manager in the middle of the season. This had made the angst on the player.

Manchester City 2015-2016: failed Expectations

Lucky, Pellegrini is still able to arouse team spirit even though it still hasn't been fullest. City finished the season with kepayahan.

Pellegrini kept should be split up because it is not able to meet the expectations of the Club. Next season Pep Guardiola will try to improve the performance of Manchester blue.


League Cup final vs Liverpool, February 28, 2016. Through the struggle until the penalty shootout, City managed to get at least one unsuccessful season trophy.


Revenge for Liverpool on 3 March 2016. After losing in the League Cup final, Liverpool responded in the Premier League by a score of 3-0. Whereas, City Central, intense Chase tops the standings.


Sergio Aguero still irreplaceable as a star. Alas, the ghost of injury patterns change and make productivity this Argentina striker a little shrinking.


Raheem Sterling became the hope given the impressive appearance when in Liverpool. However, apparently feeling the brunt of Sterling. He later saved a lot more on the bench.


The successful experiment of Manuel Pellegrini, who dare to try to cast the Academy's graduates. Kelechi Iheanacho reciprocated trust with nicks 14 goals in 33 of the party in all competitions.

Manchester City 2015-2016: failed Expectations

Whether what is in the minds of Meneer Netherlands Louis Van Gaal reacted as Commander. Manchester United's performance instead of improving on season two thus makin slumped.

Author: Rinaldi?

Last season, Van Gaal reacted was able to improve the ranking of United, which hancur-lebur at the hands of David Moyes. United was appointed to the position of the big four at once grabbed a ticket to the UEFA Champions League.

Logically, the second season will be better. Assumptions based on that logic then make United had entered the Premier League champion's candidates list 2015/16. Moreover, Van Gaal reacted also adds strength with classy midfielder.

United reinforced Memphis Depay, Bastian Schweinsteiger, Morgan Schneiderlin, Matteo Darmian, Anthony Martial, as well as Sergio Romero.

However, the contrary happens. United thus getting stuck on a pattern in the game of flirtatious and intricate, the more inconsistent, and finally often reap the defeat of the team-a team that on paper is easy to overcome.

United could be lost to the team of classmates Bournemouth, Norwich, Stokeand Sunderland. This was the fourth opponent team that once could only dream to simply draw.

Gloom is also transmitted in the UEFA Champions League, where the Red Devils was unable to qualify from the group phase and ousted into the Europa League. When playing in the Europa League, United had incised a shame because defeated Denmark, origin of liliput Club Midtjylland.

If there are any remaining pride, it is a sign of Wayne Rooney cs. to FA Cup final.

However, it is difficult it feels accepted common sense when the service Van Gaal reacted still extended into the next season.


The assurance of qualified for the FA Cup final, which was won in the 90 + 3 match of the semifinals, 23 April 2016. The victory was United's only hope to look as a bigclub.


Astounding 1-2 defeat of classmates Club Bournemouth on 12 December 2015. A nicks and marks that have lost the spirit of Manchester United as the team champion.

When not David De Gea, could be ranked Demon would be even worse. This Spaingoalkeeper repeatedly doing rescue and avoid a hit team from defeat.


Memphis Depay more than berkonribusi of acting on the team. Purchased dearly, but the Netherlands midfielder is ultimately more were on the bench.