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Eden Hazard is not a good father

Jamie Vardy girang absurdly while knowing himself became Premier League champions 2015-2016 along with Leicester City. However, it turns out happiness the strikerberbuntut kerugtian.

Certainty of title Leicester occur on matchday to-36, Monday (2/5/2016). The club called The Foxes that became a half-hour after their nearest contenders, Totenham Hotspur, reaping the results of series 2-2 at Chelsea HQ.

Vardy of Leicester players together to watch the duel with Spurs versus Chelsea at home. Incidentally, they're off because recently a match earlier in the day.

When the referee blew the whistle sign match ended, the hubbub going on. All dissolved in euphoria.

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Eden Hazard is not a good father

Unwittingly, owned television tersenggol Vardy, falling, and damaged.

"Friends were at my house on Monday night, then my television is broken," the Mirror quoted Vardy said.

"Fortunately, the repaired television now," said Vardy again.

The Premier League is the most prestigious title earned Vardy during a career as a professional footballer. Earlier, he took The Foxes to the champions of the Football League Championship in 2013-2014.

Southampton finished the season 2015-2016 with nicks 63 points, the most throughout the history of the Club. However, it does not prevent them from losing potentially Victor Wanyama, Graziano Pelle, as well as Sadio Mane.

Wanyama has long been a target of Tottenham and Arsenal, Pelle could return to Serie A, and was rumored several times to Mane.

First name has been rumored for a long time wanted to extend the contract in St Mary's given bond work expires at the end of next season (June 30, 2017).

Eden Hazard is not a good father

However, until the middle of this week there has been no recent news about new work ties the tough midfielder.

Saints coach, Ronald Koeman, remains optimistic it can retain all three.

Southampton while this is ranked fifth because Man United has yet to complete a match delayed their cons Bournemouth, which will roll on Wednesday (18/5/2016) early morning GMT.

"If we finish ranked 15 of course will be more difficult to defend the players. Of course I want to defend all the personnel, "said Koeman to the Southampton Daily Echo.

"We have to be prepared to lose some players more, after that we will need to recruit players to maintain the strength of the team and the Club," he said.

Netherlands coach was then chosen to give Kudos to the Mane and an impressive game all season.

"Now that the second season of the new players in the Premier League, but his performance was fantastic. He can be more consistent but the kid has been playing great this season and season yesterday, "he said.

One of the players the Saints hoped his team did not take off the players of yesteryear were James Ward-Prowse.

The energetic midfielder expresses the quality of squads Southampton now is in the highest level.

"Unity in the Club is excellent from top to down. All pushing toward the same and I think it helped us achieve what we wanted to achieve, "he said.

Chelsea midfielder Eden Hazard, it turns out that wasn't a good father. In fact, the father belongs to the Hazard "cruel".

Eden Hazard is not a good father

It is revealed when Chelsea last magpies Premier League against Leicester City at Stamford Bridge, Sunday (15/5/2016).

Before the game, The Blues players stood lined up to welcome Leicester as a champion of the Premier League this season. While waiting for Leicester City squad go intothe field, the Hazard that was holding the ball approached his son, Leo.

The Belgium midfielder seemed to invite Leo to play. However, the Hazard trying to maintain the ball in order not captured his son.

When successfully defended the ball, the Hazard seems to be stoic despite her 3 year old fell.

Leo then bounced back and invite the Hazard of playing. Hazard then easily outwitLeo.

After that, the Hazard shoves balls and Leo attempted to pursue the skin round. At the same time, Hazard dropped Leo with the Scotch. Hazard returns to be stoic look.

A number of media, comparing the kepayahan Leo with scintillating action child Santi Cazorla, Enzo. Children aged 5 years it performed admirably. Enzo showed actionprocessing balls with incredible ways.