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Coutinho Curious Grab Title

Ahead of the Europa League final for 2016 that is contested by Liverpool with Sevilla, Philippe Coutinho was determined to give his first title created for Liverpool.

Coutinho bought Liverpool from Inter in January 2013. During 3.5 years reinforces The red, though he was not yet give it a title.

Liverpool is not without opportunities. In the period kebersamaannya with The Reds, Coutinho helped the team finish in the top two Premier League 2013/14, stepped into the semi-finals of the League Cup and FA Cup 2014/15, becoming runner-up 2015/16 League Cup and Europa League finalists now.

Coutinho looks already itching make lifting the trophy. The final of the Europa League would he make the event over the previous failure of impingement.

"In Brazil, we have a proverb: we hit the pole. Liverpool later often have it. So, we create will be very important when in the end could grab something with Liverpool. That title will be special made everyone at the Club and also the whole Squad, "saidCoutinho was quoted as saying the Liverpool Echo.

Coutinho Curious Grab Title

Coutinho had the experience of getting a degree. While in Brazil, he helped Vasco da Gama won the Campeonato Brasileiro Serie B 2009. In Inter, torehannya is the Coppa Italy 2010/11, Italy Super Cup 2010, World Cup and the Club.

At the level of the national team, he played in the U-20 Brazil team win the World Cup 2011.

"For me, the most important thing is trophies won. Positive values from get the Europa League trophy this season is a position in the Champions League next season.However, the focus on this trophy squads. As I've said, later we hit the post a few times, so it's very important to win the Europa League, "said the 23-year-old player.

The final of the Europa League game between Liverpool and Sevilla held at StadiumSt. Jakob-Park, BaselSwitzerland, on Wednesday (18/5/16), or on Thursday (19/5/16) early morning GMT.

Manchester City striker, Sergio Aguero, claims to be less acquainted with the figure of Josep Guardiola. Therefore, he tried to dig up the related information of compatriot Ronaldo, Cristiano Ronaldo.

Coutinho Curious Grab Title

Barcelona and Messi is indeed had worked together in Barcelona from 2008 to 2012. The togetherness they led to three League titles and two Champions League trophies.

As of July 1, 2016, Guardiola will serve as Manager of Manchester City. Aguero else impressed with his new boss refers to information provided as Messi.

"Real Madrid told me that Barcelona is a very impressive figure. Other players say similar things, "said Aguero.

"I think he is giving a big pressure to players. We do need it. Arrival he did not just important to me, but also the other players, "said the player numbered 10 to it.

Aguero is expected, Guardiola can change your luck Man City in the Champions League. The club called The Citizens indeed have never succeeded in the European clubcompetitions.

In the summer of 2015-2016, Man City has stopped in the semi-final by Real Madrid. This became the highest close to Man City in the pageant.

"There's a reason the Club make an investment for an important player and coach.We hope, Guardiola can adapt to the Club. More importantly, we should be a little better next season, "said Aguero.

Aguero itself must suspend the face-to-face meetings with Barcelona. He enrolled in the Argentina squad for the Copa America in 2016.

Manchester United have confirmed finish in 5th position in the Premier League standings, 2015-2016. Manager Louis van Gaal reacted ever revealed what hampered him carrying the team called the Red Devil that can be accomplished on this season.

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After spending a lot of funds in bringing new players, the appearance of Man United over the past two years dealt with Van Gaal reacted is still not consistent. In fact, the achievements of Wayne Rooney et al currently are no better than the previous season.

Coutinho Curious Grab Title

The appearance of Man United thus reaped much criticism. Even though it has a lot of quality players, the Red Devils are considered incapable of competing in the Premier League, Champions League, Europa League and.

However, Van Gaal reacted have their own reasons. 64-year-old it Manager calls theweakness of productivity teams in scoring and became the biggest obstacle injuriesencountered.

"The cause of all this is a matter of our ability to score. However, I think all the issues there are a number of players from injury in November and December 2015, primarily in the second position of the wing Defender, "said Van Gaal reacted to Sky Sports.

"I also said that this season we need creativity and quick striker. You will never be able to see the future, you can only analyze and evaluate the past. It now should wedo, "he said.

It also makes Man United failed to qualify for the Champions League next season. Red Devils left 18 goals in terms of productivity with Man City, even though it has thesame points.