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Italy's players had a nickname for Antonio Conte

Roma opened the new season ahead of their adventures with the melakoni trial, Wednesday (13/7/2016). Team beralias I Lupi (wolves) at the first party with a 16-0 victory over AC Pinzolo.

Rome is already deploying ritiro aka concentration exercises in Pinzolo since July 9.The first warm-up game was held four days later.

Even though the charge face local team amateur, lesakan 16 touchdowns to keep decent start considered Pinzolo positive forces for Luciano Spalletti.

A good sign is also shown their striker Edin Dzeko,. Tall striker origin of Bosnia-Herzegovina that scored four goals to Pinzolo.

The whole goal of the Strikers appeared in Act I, each in the 16th minute, 19 ', 25 ' and 31 '.

Camps I Lupi certainly hope this positive performance can continue to Scare the realcompetition after going through a period of not-so-fun season yesterday.

Italy's players had a nickname for Antonio Conte

Along the 2015-2016, a 30-year-old man it just pisses 8 goals in 31 Serie A party.

As for the rest of the 12 goals Rome created by Mohamed Salah (2 goals), Juan Iturbe (2), Federico Ricci (2), Vassilis Torosidis, Diego Perotti, Christian D'Urso, Gerson, Ezequiel Ponce, and Lorenzo Di Livio.

Spalletti was indeed put up a combination of major players, players, and its founders came later in the Academy.

The boss claims to be satisfied seeing their action, including the new rekrutan, Gerson.

"The team showed the right attitude to try to control the ball. We melakoni a nice warming. Gerson is moving well for funneling balls with his speed, "said Spalletti in LaGazzetta dello Sport.

On the same day, city rivals AS Roma, Lazioalso a 19-0 win over a local team of Auronzo.

After tests of Prime, I Lupi would face more severe challenges in a duel the next warm-up opponents Russia Premier League club, Terek Grozny (17/7/2016).

The legendary France midfielder, Emmanuel Petit, assessing the selling price Paul Pogba touching numbers 100 million euro (1.44 trillion rupiah) is considered more appropriate for Luis Suarez.

Pogba, which is an asset of the beli like instagram Juventus midfield, was repeatedly rumored to Manchester United. However, Petit not sure Pogba worth buying United with large nominal.

Italy's players had a nickname for Antonio Conte

"People are talking about Pogba as if he were a phenomenon. However, I don't think so, "said the 45-year-old man told Yahoo Sports, Thursday (13/7/2016).

"He wasn't even able to shine on the Champions League along with Juventus," he said again.

The figure takes the trophy France find their 1998 World Cup and Euro 2000 also reveal the quality and price of Pogba was not accordingly so that Real Madrid withdrew from the hunt.

"If Real Madrid wanted the Pogba, they will redeem it. However, the fact is they don't want to get into a bidding war with Manchester United, "said Petit.

"With the price of 100 million euros, I better recruit, Barcelona striker Luis Suarez," he said again.

Since signing the contract with Juventus on August 3, 2012, Pogba incarnated into agreat football player.

The former coach of Italy national team, Antonio Conte, the nickname The Godfather by the players Gli Azzurri. That fact is disclosed by one of his players, Leonardo Bunucci.

Two years Bonucci feel direction Conte in the national team. They both contribute to delivering Gli Azzurri stepped up to the 2016 European Championship quarter-final.

Not just at the level of the State, Bonucci also got trained Conte at Juventus. The togetherness they produce 3 scudetto (2011-2014).

According to the confession of Bonucci, no one player who dared argue the word Conte. The thing that is what makes the coaches got the nickname The Godfather.

The Godfather is itself a Hollywood film that was released in 1972.

Film directed by film director Francis Ford Coppola that tells Vito Corleone, a leader of a criminal group who are very famous.

"The players in the Italy squad for giving him the name of The Godfather," said Bonucci reported by the Mirror.

"When he's talking to, you should listen to. You must perform the command he andnot arguing, "said the player who initiated his career at Inter Milan that.

After Juventus and Italy, Conte will continue his journey along with Chelsea. For Conte, this was the first time he was treading a career outside of Italy.

"Conte will achieve great success in the United Kingdom. In addition, Chelsea already has a good player, "said Bonucci.