Kamis, 24 November 2016

Admits PFL 2016: FKB Replace two players

Pro Futsal League (PFL) 2016 will take place shortly. Time is increasingly a budget, make all participants are obligated to prepare his team well. But, there are just no funwhen the Genesis team preparations underway.

Check out the only Futsal Bandung (FKB). The team that will play in the Western Conference at PFL 2016, thus had to overhaul the composition of the players at the last moment. One of these removals Fahrudin Praise. Players who start their career as a professional player in this FKB was forced to leave the team that raised him to join FC Libido.

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FKB also left Wahab Prints. The player who once defended the West Java in this Aceh mangalami 2015 Pomnas knee injury, so it is not possible to play at PFL this year.

Admits PFL 2016: FKB Replace two players

Lost two important players, making the FKB act quickly. Two new players in, Deri Nurhidayat Sulaeman and grace. Before Deri never defended POUND Kaltim and gracedefended FKB on Futsal Super League in 2015. Both of these players has agreed a contract to join the FKB in mid-January.

Treza Andrea, Assistant Manager FKB, very spare change in the composition of this player. Moreover, the League title is getting close.

"The team is already enjoy with the composition of the existing players. But had to change again, "said Treza.

He also argues, the change is quite disturbing the preparation team. But these events can hope Treza so lessons for FKB in the future.

The largest and highest futsal competition in Indonesia will immediately begin. The 2003 Indonesia Pro Futsal League (PFL) 2016 will be preceded in Bandung, where eight clubs PFL western area will you met the ability to reach most points for easy stride to grab the top two positions in the standings and qualify for the Final Four PFL2016.

Following further analysis of the Coach Doni Zola about the map power teams West of PFL 2016, exclusive to Pal FZ:

Biangbola FC
Biangbola flavor FKB, Panca went from FKB and bringing trains to a player to Coach staff.This makes it easy to create Five more freely this year. Biangbola Mataram against FC is also Electric. Three full points when mandatory opponent Mataram FC and so stumbling block Electric PLN can be embodied in the Five "new home". Top 4 predictions.

Admits PFL 2016: FKB Replace two players

Electric PLN, Jakarta
This time it was more fresh, no one player wrote last year is here. Coach Vennard remodel all of player to coach staff, full of trust management PLN can be seen from the players who were recruited, which is "taste Bang Ve". Merapatnya Reza Yamani and Fhandy Solanki is the best purchase PLN season ahead of the transfer window is closed. Jaya Kencana opponents 3 points mandatory, lawab Biangbola is the event of proof "forces blonde" Electric if they remain the top team. Top 4 predictions.

Kencana Jaya, Tangerang
Coach Andre Picessa optimistic JK will talk more, but lost Bayu Aditya Geordy (BTS),Ajibowo (Electric), priests (BJL Cosmo) will not simply be replaced by existingplayers. The opponent will be his debut PLN Electric hard Picessa, Mataram and opponents FC became one of the decisive match because of me predicts between themwill be hard to collect points.

Libido FC
Initiate the preparation with left some star players are certainly not a good thing fora team. Lucky management Libido can withstand Andri Irawan to keep coaching this season, a most important key. Andri Irawan got the ability create a player from nothing to be something. But a budget preparation time will be so little constraint in the first series. FKB opponents who are looking for a form of the game because a lot ofnew faces could be utilized to the full points and elections caused opponents to secure exciting action BTG closure of the first series. Series results are fair to both teams. Under the control of Andri Irawan, Libido will remain diminimal 4 great Western region.