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Liverpool FC Mental proof in defense of Sunderland

Liverpool FC Mental proof in defense of Sunderland

Down from the top of the standings, Liverpool FC return to the position of hunters.The Reds have to at once prove mental champion on all lines.

Author: Christian Gunawan

Hunter's position may not be a bad thing made The red. tambah like instagram Juergen Klopp inimitable forces it could play more off while the ambitious pursuit of full points.

Must win could be answered with the appearance of the desired strike supporters.On Saturday (26/11/1999), Sunderland might come at the wrong time.

The Wearsiders indeed can ride from caretaker position after wins hands down over the Hull, but they also remained in the relegation zone. Liverpool are at different levels.

Much improved than the Reds level last year. Sunderland will be hoping to repeat the success of hard to hold series of Reds at Anfield despite lagging behind two goals in the first.

The Black Cats are not without hope apart from the morale increased after last week's win at home for the first time this season.

Adam Lallana will still be absent until the beginning of December. The influence of the attendance of the quarterback felt last week failed to win at then-RedsLoanhead.

Too high a reliance to striker Jermain Defoe, unintentionally, have hinted at a lack of large teams of David Moyes.

However, Sunderland hoping back able to penetrate the biggest weakness of the Reds: a line of back.

Liverpool FC Mental proof in defense of Sunderland

The fragility of a defense often make The Red like a me-too became semenjana when meet the team weak.

No doubt, the supporters The Red waiting for improvement of robustness of defense sector. Klopp not too, just memusingkannya.

"We do not have to heed the people's speech. We know must discuss and fix the defense. However, the team was able to survive, not weak in defense, "said Klopp on ESPN.

The public is also awaiting the return of Anfield front-line sharpness. If the groupingcould be both and Reds are believed to be very able to do it, James Milner cs readyagain presents the party with a convincing score is epic.

Steven Gerrard decided retirement on Thursday (24/11/1999). However, there is onemoment that he is not forgotten, that moment slip in a match against Chelsea in 2014. It feels like a "disaster" for him.

Earlier, when taking a decision not to extend the service along with the Club's Major League Soccer (MLS), LA Galaxy, Gerrard admitted have not selected any decisions.

However, the speculation problem it ever revealed. The man who was born on 30 May 1980 (36) it was decided to hanging shoes.

Throughout her career, she has felt love and grief in the field, particularly along Thered, the nickname of Liverpool, the club that has been ingrained within Gerrard.

How does, for 18 years the football career, Gerrard Liverpool defending for 17 seasons. He also became the captain of Liverpool for the period 2003 to 2015.

"On my debut against Blackburn Rovers, November 1998, I never imagined what was happening during the years ahead," the story of Gerrard reserved game debut with Liverpool.

Club based at Anfield that, Gerrard felt the various moments that will not be forgotten, either sweet or bitter.

Liverpool FC Mental proof in defense of Sunderland

The Ataturk Stadium, Istanbul. Liverpool face AC Milan in the Champions League final the season 2004-2005. The rossoneri, AC Milan's nickname, as it reinforced a number of well-known players such as Paolo Maldini, Andriy Shevchenko, and ClarenceSeedorf.

Hodgson left behind 0-3. However, Gerrard became a figure that inspires.

He jumps high, then heading the bait from John Arne Riise, Liverpool defender of the moment, and the scorer! First printing that gives hope and encouragement to other players.

The next night, it becomes a miracle of Istanbul for Liverpool. After struggling to equalize, The Reds finally "gets a line of destiny" as the champion after winning a penalty shootout drama.

That game seems to ordain Gerrard as a Liverpool legend.

"Obviously the victories from the Champions League in Istanbul in 2005 was my best moment," said Gerrard to BT Sport, as quoted from

"That's fun for me is that I contribute greatly in that game. A captain, there is a lot of pressure that I have to give (role) in that game, "he said.

Anfield, April 2014. Liverpool live big match against Chelsea that was taken care of by Jose Mourinho.

At that time, Gerrard dkk are on the verge of winning the title Premier League, compete with Chelsea. However, the "disasters" that occur.

Gerrard got the three low ball, but the moment accept it he slipped. He failed to master the ball which was eventually captured by the Chelsea striker Demba Ba, then.

He attempted to "responsible" with the back up and Chase Demba Ba. However, itwas unsuccessful. BA scored the opener for Chelsea and Liverpool ever losing 0-2.