Kamis, 17 November 2016

Pressing An Issue Indonesia National Team Main

The title of the AFF Cup 2016 stay counting the days. The national team of Indonesia hunted more time to ripen the preparation team. But until the departure of the national team to the Philippines on Thursday (17/2/2016) later, the national team will continue to solidify the Defense scheme.

This is expressed by Indonesia, national team assistant coach Wolfgang Pikal. The national squad will continue to undergo exercise schemes survive, notably pressing the opponent, which in the last few matches into the spotlight.

"We are special tactics exercise wrote, how we anticipation the ball free kick, how do we do the pressing; high pressing, midfield pressing, pressing defense, "said Pikal."We are now more young players, for now we use the system to be more dynamic.Power is still strong, "he added.

What is said of his own Pikal diamini by one of Indonesia's national players, Taught Us.According to him, Indonesia game scheme would indeed be focusing more pressingwhen no master balls.

"We must quickly back to the line of Defense, we should also press alike," said Andik. "Forward Instructions should also be doing press, starting from the striker. The tow should ngikutin. "

"In fact we see players ahead of his strikers, if not doing press more also would wait.Anyway I've had to press forward first, press since the midfield, "sambungnya.

Andik itself highlights how this strategy will deplete the stamina of the players. However, this strategy could give a positive result if it can be done well, when what is prepared when the exercise is appropriate when the match starts.

"Make a tired for sure. Strategy (pressing) it's not make tired actually, but indeed it takes a prime power. But this strategy is also great, lots of teams in Euro that implement such strategies, "added Andik.

Pressing An Issue Indonesia National Team Main

Same as Taught, Indonesia national team midfielder naturalization, Stefano Lilipaly,also emphasized how the national team continues to establish the pressing exercise."The game pressing is the thing we hold trainer over the last week, every time.Press-cover, press-cover. We continue to get used to this. "

Barcelona itself is still going through morning and afternoon workout before leaving for the Philippines. In a short time, the national team will continue to train the scheme so that pressing Indonesia has a tough defense line was penetrated by the opponent.

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